ZARAZA-07 (28-29 апреля, Зарасаи)

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  • ro_Ot
    Андрей Антанович ro_Ot  5 марта 2007 в 13:57
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    Artūras Čadas:
    Frisbee virus in Zarasai

    Ultimate and Disc Golf tournament “Zaraza 2007”

    Dier friends,
    We are glad to invite YOU to take part in the Lithuanian Ultimate and Disc golf tournament, that will take place on 28 –29 of ARPIL 2007 in Zarasai.

    General info:

    Organizers: Zarasai Ultimate Frisbee club “Taškas”
    Place: Zarasai (Lithuania) “Magučių” stadion and DiscGolf course (9 holes)
    Dates: 2007, April 28-29
    Format: 7 on 7 Outdoor
    Divisions: Open, Women,
    Team fee: just go and play!!!
    Players fee for Disc golfers: 10 lt per person


    Deadline for registration: 13 of APRIL
    Please send you aplications to
    In you’re application we ask you to indicate you’re:

    1.Team’s name;
    2.City, country;
    3.Captain’s name;
    4.List on players;
    5.Contacts (phone number, e-mail)

    Accommodation and food in stadium:

    Accommodation option 1: Accommodation in schools of Zarasai (10,-€ per person, included saturday and sunday dinner )
    Accommodation option 2: Hotels and boarding houses in Zarasai and in the immediate vicinity of the city. (20,-€ per person, included saturday and sunday dinner)


    Information about this important event will be placed later. Keep a lookout for updates.


    Artūras Čadas
    Phone number: +37060068667

    Andrius Navickas
    Phone number: +37060157747

  • Lilo
    Таня Шаметько Lilo  5 марта 2007 в 14:02
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    Ну что, начинаем собирать игроков?

    1. Таня Ш. Very Happy

    Aloha Smile
    То,что нас не убивает - делает нас сильнее!
  • tadascc
    tadascc tadascc  23 марта 2007 в 11:30
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    Privet privet
    nu i pochemu nesabiraete komandi na ZARAZU2007??

  • into_ishn
    Марта Сергеевна into_ishn  5 мая 2007 в 15:03
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    а ниче так съездили Smile немножко фоток можно найти тут Very Happy


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