vote for EUCR 2012, deadline 25th of November

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где проводить EUCR 2012

Maribor, Slovenia 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Wroclaw, Poland 100%  100%  [ 16 ]

Всего проголосовало : 16

  • alexxandra
    Александра Быковская alexxandra  22 ноября 2011 в 13:38
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    As Oddi wrote for Austria, it's the same for us. As Maribor is much closer to us than Wroclaw, Hungary votes for Slovenia.

    Deadline is approaching. I ask other countries to vote, please, so you are represented.
    I attach a Gigolo (Ukraine) and a Belarus contact, they are both unofficial. I kindly ask Victor and Alexandra to try and get a vote from your country, also anyone else who knows contacts from Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova, please forward this to them.


    From: kaca svobodova <kaca>
    Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 11:28 AM
    Subject: Re: Fw: vote for EUCR 2012, deadline 25th of November

    Hi everyone,
    Czechs vote for Poland.

    Have a nice day!

    On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Blaz Jakopin <jakopinorama> wrote:
    Hi guys!

    Slovenia votes for Slovenia. Smile

    Take care,

    On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:31 PM, maciej kolodziejczyk <kolodziejczyk> wrote:
    Polish vote in the table.


    2011/11/18 Gabor Boross <gaborboross>

    Dear contry representatives from Region East,

    We need to vote on EUCR 2012.
    We've recieved two bids, I attach them both.
    A short comparision of the bids:

    Wroclaw, Poland, google map link
    Maribor, Slovenia, google map link

    TEAM FEE (estimation):
    Wroclaw - open 80 euro, women 50 euro
    Maribor - open 100 euro, women 80 euro

    Wroclaw - open 30 euro, women 20 euro
    Maribor - open 30 euro, women 20 euro

    The winning 3 weekends at the vote were:
    10-12th August / 17-19th August / 24-26th August
    EUCR 2012 will be at one of these dates, preferably not on 10-12th, so we are further away from Junior Worlds.
    We don't vote on dates now, but we are looking for feedbacks from you, please tell us if any of the 3 weekends would be really bad for your countries teams.

    Okay, so please vote, as with the dates, every country has a minimum of one votes, and otherwise as many votes as many teams participated from that country at EUCR 2011.

    Deadline of the vote is Friday, 25th of November, 24:00!

    Katka, Oddi and Gabor

    Maciej Kolodziejczyk

    Blaž Jakopin

    я отправлю наш голос за Wroclaw 23 ноября!

    если кому-то не все равно, то голосуйте до 23 ноября!
    +37529 689 89 44

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  • alexxandra
    Александра Быковская alexxandra  22 ноября 2011 в 22:55
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    We do not have a strong preference. On one hand, Maribor is closer and offers a good quality tournament. On the other hand, Wroclaw organized very successful EYUC and we would love to go there as well.

    Hence, we split our votes.



    Wroclaw - 6
    Maribor - 11
    +37529 689 89 44

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  • Abdulla
    Abdulla Abdulla  23 ноября 2011 в 08:16
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    То есть всё, Марибор?

  • alexxandra
    Александра Быковская alexxandra  23 ноября 2011 в 09:38
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    ну даже если все оставшиеся проголосуют за Польшу, то будет 10 -11 .... так что скорее всего да...
    +37529 689 89 44

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  • alexxandra
    Александра Быковская alexxandra  23 ноября 2011 в 12:46
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    +37529 689 89 44

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  • Lilo
    Таня Шаметько Lilo  29 ноября 2011 в 11:44
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    Dear Central Section countries!

    EUCR will happen in late August, we know that, there is nothing to wait for, we should start deciding EUCQ 2012.

    EUCQ (pre-CEL earlier) used to be in late May in the previous years. I think it would be desirable to keep this tradition.

    What would you say to have EUCQ 2012 at one of these two dates:
    May 26/27
    June 2/3
    (Windmill Windup is 15/17 June)

    If we agree that these two dates are both fine, then
    1, We can start asking for bids from everyone for any of these two dates.
    2, We can start thinking about our own countries National tournaments, to go around these two dates.

    So first, we ask all countries (Cz, Pol, Sk, Hun, Slo, Cro), to tell us ASAP, but latest next Wednesday:
    Are May 26/27 and June 2/3 both good dates for EUCQ 2012? Yes/No(please explain)
    Do you think that there would be a better date for EUCQ 2012? No/Yes(please explain)

    Deadline is 30th of November.


    Aloha Smile
    То,что нас не убивает - делает нас сильнее!

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