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    Александра Быковская alexxandra  3 января 2014 в 18:44
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    Thanks, Sasha,

    Basically, I'm involved in an organization called Ultimate Central, a registration and web development service specifically designed for the needs of ultimate organizers from the event to national organization level.
    We're used by tons of organizations and ultimate leagues, mostly in North America I'm one of the founders of Skyd Magazine, so I've learned a lot about international ultimate over the past few years, and we're hoping to get Ultimate Central known more internationally. We've just signed Ultimate Canada and Ultimate Australia on as clients.

    I think Belarus could benefit from what Ultimate Central offers: an all-in-one registration system and free easily customizable web space that may be really useful.

    Whether this is for a city organization or the national organization, I think it could work for both. So I'm just looking for contacts in Belarus that would be interested in a demo session of how our system works. Would that be you? Feel free to email me back if you're interested in a 10 minute demo and we'll work out a time.

    Here's a bit more information about what the tool does:

    And here's an example of an organizaiton that uses us:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Если кому-то интересна эта тема, то пишите Liam Rosen: liamrosen@gmail.com

    +37529 689 89 44

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Список форумов frisbee.by -> Алтимат фрисби

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