Wodzisław Cup 2017

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    Приглашение от поляков на газонный турнир (опен и вимен) в Водиславе Слёнском (юг Польши, недалеко границы Чехии и Словакии).

    Hello! After a one year brake we are pleased to announce that 3rd edition of Wodzisław Cup will take place on 24-25.06!

    This year we are changing tournament’s format – thanks to cooperation with Wodzisław’s MOSiR we are able to organise a tournament for both open (12 teams) and women (8 teams) divisions on 4 full-size fields.

    Additionally, MOSiR Centrum let us use a campsite on the City Stadium. There is also an option of normal sleeping accomodation (7-10 €) a few kilometres away from the Stadium.

    Start of the registration: 20.03
    End of the registration: 1.06

    To registrate your team send a submission to wodzislawcup@gmail.com with your name, phone number, email address and team photo.

    In the next stage of the registration we will ask you for an approximate number of players, food preference and bank transfer for team fee.

    Team fee – 900zł (210 €)
    Team fee for teams that have to travel more than 500km – 700zł (160€)
    No player fee!

    Finals will take place on the City Stadium – former home stadium of Odra Wodzisław.

    Don’t wait with registration and let the charm of the gate of the southern Poland carry you away! Smile

    Подробнее тут http://ultimatecentral.com/pl_pl/f/wodzislaw-slaski

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